Hammer Mill Simplifies Making Pellets

There are several essential tools that every efficient pellet mill needs. With the equipment, the output of pellet mills can be greatly improved and maintained. On top of this list is a hammer mill. This mill is most useful in making sure wood chips are broken down into a size pellet mills can easily compress into pellets. In some instances wood chips that make up the primary biomass used to manufacture pellets come in a large size that complicates the whole process pelletizing a lot more complicated. Large pieces of wood make it impossible to come up with compact pellets.

Massive mechanical pressure is required to make quality wood pellets. Massive compression forces are required to make pellets compact with enough binding force to hold them together. You can therefore see that particle size here is a matter of concern. Big particles will not bond well together with smaller particles. Uniformity here is a highly regarded factor. So a pellet maker will need a solution that will ensure that the biomass used in pelletizing. A wood chipper might look like the best solution here, but it wood chippers are not particularly known for their uniformity.

A hammer mill on the other hand has a scalable fitting that allows you to adjust the size of the particles you want produced. If you are using wood shavings or straws as your biomass, you can set a 6mm screen setting on your hammer mill so that large wood chunks or straws can be milled down to pass through the screen. To make sure that the final biomass will produce high quality pellets, then you can mix wood shavings, straws and grass in the hammer grinder to get a compound mixture of all the ingredients. This increases the cohesion forces between the materials and once the biomass is pelletized, the resulting pellet is both durable and easy to store.

However, you have to ensure that the biomass is dried thoroughly well before it is pelletized. Even after using a hammer grinder, it is important to dry the biomass to prevent the pellets from crumbling once pelletizing process is complete.

When do You Need Hammer mills?

In the event that you do not know much about pellet production and you want to start making money through this process the first thing that you need to do is learn as much as possible about all the machines that you are going to need. Contrary to what you might believe, you do not only need a pellet mill. Based on the raw material that you are going to use, there is also a big chance that you are going to need hammer mills.

Hammer mills are basically machines that are capable of taking wood chips and similar sized raw material and cutting it down in size. You are going to use it in order to have the proper size in the material that will eventually be put in the pellet mill. The pellet mill cannot cut down items in size and the only thing that it will do is create the pellets.
The good news is that you can avoid using hammer mills. The bad news is that this is only going to be possible in the event that you will use saw dust or similar material. If you do not use this and you are going to utilize wood chips, the hammer mills are always needed. In addition, keep in mind that if using logs, there is also the need to add a crusher to the pellet production line. Make sure that you always remember this when you calculate the needed amount to purchase all necessary machines.